Leggs hill

Fading Fall Views

I drive by this view four days a week and keep wishing that someone would expand the small bridge crossing Leggs Hill Road where it meets up with Loring Avenue so it was easier to stop and grab a photo or just stare out at the Forest River Park. It really is a great spot for a view but a terrible spot to stop a car and I've passed by views that put this one to shame but been unable to pull over and capture the moment. Maybe those moments are all the more precious for being so fleeting...

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Where in Marblehead – Sunset From …

Since we are solidly in 'stick season', I decided to dive into the archive of images waiting to be shared.  For this week, I will be posting images that were taken from unique vantage points and will leave it to you to guess where the image was taken.  Answers are in the original post. Today's 'Where in Marblehead' image features a beautiful sunset captured in early November from ___ Answer:

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Foliage at Sunset from Leggs Hill

All images shared this week have come from two very different outings on Sunday, November 2nd.  Monday's came during the first snow of the season but, what followed, was an incredible sunset which always seems to follow such a storm. I shared an image yesterday from Forest River which had been my first destination when the light show began.  Immediately after capturing that image, I drove back up Leggs Hill Road to the parking lot of the YMCA.  Once there, I found that the young trees were still holding onto their leaves which had changed to a bright orange hue.  I [...]

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Pink Glow over the Forest River

I last captured an image from this spot over four years ago and had recently used it on the title page of my Wednesdays in Marblehead book.  This past week, I had returned to the spot at dawn to photography the Fall colors I had noted on a recent drive down Leggs Hill Road.  The dawn photoshoot did not pan out and so, when the sunset seemed poised to explode in color on Sunday night, I hurried back to this spot. I arrived just as the pink glow over the Forest River was reaching its peak and captured this image [...]

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Keep it Local – Boston Ballet

I thought I had run out of 'Keep it Local' images but happened upon this one taken in November of last year.  Just as in yesterday's image of sunset over Leggs Hill, I again had my camera gear with me without any real intention of shooting.  I had gone to the Y to play squash and, on leaving turned and noted dancers at the beam overhead.  I quickly grabbed the camera and had time for this one image before the dancers moved off. I was struck by the contrast of these dancers against the facade of the building.  Black and [...]

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Sunset over Leggs Hill

I've been meaning to post this image for a while now but it kept falling deeper into the archives for some reason.  Back in early December, I remember coming home from work at 4:30pm and, for some reason, I had thought to bring my camera that morning.  The light was interesting as drove toward Marblehead and, as soon as I drove across Lafayette, I saw this scene unfold before me.  The light was perfect, the tide just right and the calm water gave off a brilliant reflection. I quickly pulled over, set the hazards, and ran back down toward the [...]

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The View from Leggs Hill

The alternative title for this post is 'what a difference a week makes'.  As you can see below, I shot nearly the same scene one week apart.  Above is sunset on October 27 - below is sunrise on October 20.  It's amazing how quickly fall colors can take hold and completely change a landscape. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 exposure bracket

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