This year’s Fourth of July celebration was a whirlwind event during which I participated in my first Artisans Marketplace and learned that I had won Peoples Choice Award in the Festival of Arts Photography exhibit.  With both those events having just taken place, I rode my bicycle onto Marblehead Neck in the hopes of capturing images of the annual harbor illumination as well as the Marblehead fireworks display.  I’ve shared a few images from this night already but finally had the chance to review other images captured that evening and found a few more I would like to share with you.

Shortly after capturing the view of the harbor illumination from my spot along Corinthian Lane, I walked/ran to Cove Lane where I hoped to capture the fireworks display.  I arrived a bit early for the main event but was thrilled to see some locals setting off smaller fireworks at the beach below.  I figured this would be a great opportunity to adjust my camera settings and set about capturing the small show while keeping my eyes peeled for the main event to begin.

At one point, the smallish fireworks were replaced by a much more impressive explosion and I quickly captured it along with the still burning red flares.  While the prior photo of Marblehead’s harbor illumination was a fast favorite of mine, this one has definitely grown on me and adds the human element with silhouettes along the beach to add an extra dimension to the scene.