Cove Lane

Above Cove Beach

Today's image comes from another stop from my Sunday drive around the Neck to capture cumulus clouds and the feel of summer in Marblehead. I had stopped at Chandler Hovey Park briefly to find a wedding about to begin and made my way instead to the public way at Cove Lane and then to the top of the steps leading down to the small beach.  This spot offers a great view of Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Light but felt just a bit empty on this late June afternoon with plenty of empty moorings at the mouth of the harbor. [...]

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Golden Light on Cove Beach

I spent the weekend catching up on almost 1,500 photos taken over the past few weeks (mostly of the kids including lots of baseball and lacrosse shots). I also had a few landscapes hidden amongst them including this one of Cove Beach at the end of the public way at Cove Lane on the Neck. I visited this spot on June 2nd, 2019 when the clouds promised to break just right and create a nice sunset. The light show wasn't quite what I had hoped for but it did cast some nice golden light on the water and shore of [...]

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The Beach on Cove Lane

I've visited the beach on Cove Lane many times since first wandering down this public way on Marblehead Neck. Today's image comes from almost exactly three years ago when I made my way onto the Neck near sunset and found the beach deserted and with calm waters. The lone boat and hint of fog made for a very calm mood that night which hopefully carries forward in the final shot.

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Moored in the Mouth of the Harbor

Today's image comes from June 21st and a trip across the causeway to this small beach at the end of Cove Lane.  This beach has become a favorite location to shoot Marblehead Light, oncoming or departing storms and, especially, the Aurora Borealis. On this day, I was searching for an image that would capture the warmth of the day.  The great Winter of 2015 was not yet a distant memory and any images of warmth were welcome.  With a lone sailboat moored in the mouth of the harbor and bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, I knew [...]

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A Shining Beacon – Marblehead Light

On December 20th, a solar storm held the promise of a display of the Northern Lights over Marblehead.  Remembering this spot from my last capture of the aurora borealis in June of last year, I headed to Cove Lane and hoped to capture a similar scene with the added bonus of lights streaming down Marblehead Light. Despite the forecasts for a strong storm, no green or purple hues showed in the end.  I did manage to capture a nice image of Marblehead Light displayed as a shining beacon in the night sky thanks to those lights that decorate it twice [...]

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Harbor Illumination on the Fourth of July

This year's Fourth of July celebration was a whirlwind event during which I participated in my first Artisans Marketplace and learned that I had won Peoples Choice Award in the Festival of Arts Photography exhibit.  With both those events having just taken place, I rode my bicycle onto Marblehead Neck in the hopes of capturing images of the annual harbor illumination as well as the Marblehead fireworks display.  I've shared a few images from this night already but finally had the chance to review other images captured that evening and found a few more I would like to share with [...]

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The Secret Beach

So this was where I was headed on Fathers Day and why I had spent some time on Nahant Street to capture the sunset shared yesterday.  I've been to the 'secret beach' on Cove Lane several times but felt that I had not fully explored the possible compositions there previously. The sunset had started to fade at this point and the angles for shooting the setting sun and the secret beach were few.  I spent some time capturing the view of Marblehead Light (and I would return to this exact spot the following day to capture the aurora borealis as [...]

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Watching the Storm Roll In From Cove Beach

We had what seemed like an endless run of rainy days to end August and begin September.  On this particular day (Sept 1st), the sky cleared shortly before noon and promised only a few hours of relief.  I decided to take advantage of the brief respite to head out and shoot under what should have been good light. I quickly decided to head to Marblehead Neck and then made stops at most of the public ways.  I ended at Cove Lane and stopped at the top of the chairs to survey this scene that lay before me.  As you can [...]

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Chasing the Light 2 – Sunburst from Cove Lane

So after leaving Castle Rock a bit disappointed in missing the best light, I drove further up the Neck, around Chandler Hovey and parked near Cove Lane.  I took advantage of the public way and walked down to the beach to see if the sunset might hold some promise.  I found this scene before me and a smile crept onto my face...maybe this would make up for having struck out a bit at Castle Rock. I set about choosing my composition and made sure all the elements were where I wanted them. I then closed down the aperture to f/22 [...]

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