Wednesday ended up being a perfect night for a moonrise.  The first hint of an orange Beaver moon erupted into the sky behind Childrens Island and continued to climb as the sun set and the night took hold.  I shared one image from this evening that had immediately grabbed my eye but found two more shots to share as I worked on images on Thanksgiving.

This image took place only 4 minutes before the one I shared on Wednesday night.  The moon can be seen with barely any clouds obstructing the view and had nearly cleared the small hill at Childrens Island at this point.  The two working boats in the harbor were in perfect position and the one dinghy offered a nice comparison in size.

I can’t decide which image I prefer – the former had the moon higher in the sky and allowed for a subtle reflection of moonlight in the water of Marblehead harbor.  This one is a tighter composition and the earlier exposure captured a bit more light in the sky.  Let me know which is your favorite.