Last night, I headed out of Marblehead in the hopes of capturing the full cold moon rising behind Nubble Light which had been decorated for the season in holiday lights.  It felt good to venture outside of Marblehead for a photoshoot – something I hadn’t done in quite some time.  And even better to meet up with Phil Cohen who served as the inspiration for Wednesdays in Marblehead with his The Daily Portsmouth.

As luck would have it, thick clouds moved in a bit earlier than expected and spoiled the photoshoot.  I was still able to catch up with Phil but arrived home empty handed when it came to a shot of the moon.

Thankfully, I had a few images from last month’s supermoon that I hadn’t had the opportunity to share and just worked on this one the other night.  When the beaver moon rose in the November sky, it offered an incredible display and I shared a shot taken a few minutes earlier with the pink moon just visible over Chandler Hovey Park.  This frame was taken a short while later as the moon broke through the thin layer of haze and displayed its full brilliance aside Marblehead Light.

With the missed opportunity at Nubble, I thought it fitting to share this image entitled ‘Light Up the Moon’ this morning.