This morning, air temperatures of 2F and water temperatures of 50F held the promise of sea smoke to make up for the otherwise miserable cold.  Any chance to see, let alone photograph, smoke on the water will get me out of the house and so, bundled in layers, I headed out.  I drove around trying to find the perfect spot and made my way just before dawn to Fort Sewall.  I was perched there braced against the wind gusts hoping for good light when I started to see breaks forming in the clouds.

Sure enough, as the sun rose behind the clouds formed from water evaporating into steam, it pushed through the break in the clouds.  I quickly changed the aperture to f/22 to bring out the sun star that I hoped would show as the sun was partially hidden by the clouds.  Just as the fire in the sky reached its peak, the sun lit up the smoke on the water in a red glow.

I had been disappointed in the sea smoke (diminished by the strong winds) but the light in this one perfect moment more than made up for the relatively quiet seasmoke.