Years ago, I was thrilled to be interviewed by the Marblehead Reporter about my photography and was pleasantly surprised at the headline calling me a Fog-tographer.  I had expressed my love of foggy conditions and, with the quality of light in this image, it really is no wonder that many of my favorite images were captured in the fog.

This is another image from the morning of February 25th and was taken near the end of my journey from Little Harbor to Castle Rock.  The fog was picture perfect at this point and created a painterly light that washed over Castle Rock as I shot frame after frame of waves coming ashore in the fog.  I tried to time the captures to the perfect crest of wave and lucked out when a bird flew through the scene as I clicked the shutter on this one.

Wish me luck today – I am sitting for the FAA Part 107 examination to become a licensed unmanned aerial pilot…

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