On Saturday night, I once again chased a promising sunset across the causeway to Marblehead Neck and ended up on Parker Lane.  From there I set up my ‘real’ camera at the top of the stairs and also decided to fly my drone overhead as I wondered which might offer the better composition.  I ended up taking two different shots within three minutes of each other and still can’t decide which view I prefer.

The shot of this Marblehead Sunset by land has much better color and detail in the sky and the choice of a longer effective focal length served to push together the boats and distant shore with Abbot Hall.  The aerial view offered a more unique angle and better separation of the boats in Marblehead harbor as well as slightly more interesting reflections on the water.

So, to borrow a line from Paul Revere, which do you prefer?  Comment with a 1 if by land or 2 if by air.