On any other night, this unforgettable sunset over Marblehead Harbor would have been shared as soon as I returned home.  However, June 27th wasn’t quite like any other night and I had an incredible lightning storm as well as a rainbow over Castle Rock to share before getting to this image.

I had actually started shooting an hour earlier at Chandler Hovey park as a lightning storm passed through town.  When the rain hit, I raced to my car and waited for the next storm to arrive.  I had little hope for a break in the clouds and, when the sun shone, I made a beeline for Castle Rock where I caught a rainbow before it disappeared.

From there, I drove over to Corinthian Lane to capture the next storm and was in awe as the sunset exploded in hues of pink and purple.  Thankfully, there was little wind which allowed me to capture the sunset colors reflecting in Marblehead Harbor now filled with boats for the Summer season.  It all made for a truly unforgettable sunset over Marblehead Harbor.