The night before a blizzard quite literally exploded over Marblehead, I went out hoping to capture the sight of a nearly frozen harbor.  While Salem harbor had frozen over several days ago, Marblehead’s own harbor seemed more stubborn in succumbing to the arctic blast.

Earlier on this Wednesday, I had made it out to Riverhead Beach and flew my drone over the newly frozen parts of inner harbor and knew that at least part of our harbor had finally frozen. As sunset approached, I headed across the causeway trying to think of a new vantage point having shot from just over the causeway two days prior.  I ended up on the public way at Parker Lane and found a perfectly frozen harbor in front of me.

I shot a number of compositions as the sun slowly set. I felt spoiled by the 20 degree air temp and little wind after having to shoot in single digits and strong winds the past few days.  As the sun sank below the horizon, color blossomed in the sky and I zoomed in for this view of Marblehead’s skyline reflecting in the stillness of a frozen harbor at sunset.