What an incredible sunset! I had my eye on the clouds for most of the afternoon and had a gut feeling that the clouds might break just right for a solid sunset. Having not shot much in the past few weeks, the timing seemed to work out to get out and see about capturing some new scenes in Marblehead.

I drove across the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and over to Peabody Lane where I set up along the rocks on the beach. I started to shoot as the sun lowered and was fairly pleased with early shots until the sun set below the horizon and the sky began to explode in color. I quickly scrambled off the rocks and to the water’s edge where I lowered the tripod to try to maximize reflections on the water and capture the entirety of this incredible sky.

I shot over 300 frames between 5:45 and 7:00pm (sunset was officially at 6:40pm). Needless to say, I’m going to work on photos and will need to share more from this night in the days to come.

*Thank you to everyone who has ordered my calendar. In this first week, I have stocked our local stores (Arnould Gallery, Crosbys, Scribe, Shubies, Spirit of ’76) and shipped to New Jersey, California (Menlo Park, Costa Mesa, San Diego, San Francisco), Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Those ‘Headers really get around!

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