Peabody Lane

The View from Peabody Lane

Last Wednesday ended up being a tour of public ways on the Neck and this stop at the end of Peabody Lane provides some great views in either direction. Looking left you can see Abbot Hall and a harbor filled with boats. To the right is the Corinthian Yacht Club and, well, more boats filling the harbor. This is one of the more intimidating public ways as you end up having to walk along the well kept lawn of a home to get to this overlook.

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Afterglow – Red Sky at Night

This is the last image I took on Sunday night as the afterglow finally faded (twenty minutes after the sun had set!). The oranges had shifted to a deep red sky and I had scrambled up the steps leading back to Peabody Lane. From the higher vantage point I was able to include a nearby dock and a view of the harbor filled with boats on this late September evening. I had pointed to a site in yesterday's post to share some information on how a sunset afterglow forms. In it, they comment on some of the qualities of a [...]

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J70 and the Start of the Sunset

I shared an image of the peak of sunset light from Peabody Lane last night and promised many more images from this outing on Sunday night. As the sun began to descend in the sky and the clouds broke just right, twin spots of golden light appeared low in the evening sky. I set up this composition and then spotted a J70 gliding through the harbor. I waited until it came into a nice spot and captured this image. If you weren't aware, the J70 World Championship begins today in the waters off Marblehead. Racing continues all week long.

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Epic Light from Peabody Lane

What an incredible sunset! I had my eye on the clouds for most of the afternoon and had a gut feeling that the clouds might break just right for a solid sunset. Having not shot much in the past few weeks, the timing seemed to work out to get out and see about capturing some new scenes in Marblehead. I drove across the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and over to Peabody Lane where I set up along the rocks on the beach. I started to shoot as the sun lowered and was fairly pleased with early shots until the sun [...]

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Blue Hydrangeas and Marblehead Harbor

What a difference three years makes.  I first spotted the blue hydrangeas on Peabody Lane in July 2011 and captured an image of the hydrangeas and Marblehead Harbor in the distance on an early July morning.  I had gone back each year but seemed to miss the peak of the flowers or caught poor light. On July 27, I had been chasing a sunset developing over Marblehead Harbor when I passed Peabody Lane and spotted the blue hydrangeas in full bloom.  I stopped while the sun was still fairly high in the sky but with clouds and haze serving to [...]

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Last Night’s Sunset from Peabody Lane

After hours of rain fell on Sunday and with more rain predicted for today, I wondered if I might catch a solid sunrise in the gap between storms.  As I drove out to Marblehead Neck, I noted clouds just above the horizon in my rear view mirror and the start of a yellow glow forming from the setting sun. I decided to shoot the sunset from Peabody Lane as I hadn't been on that public way in some time.  I started off at the top of the stairs leading to the small beach below but quickly decided the better composition [...]

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