With a surprise March storm dropping seven inches of snow on Marblehead on Sunday night, I held out hope for photographing the town blanketed in white after finishing up work on Monday. I spent Monday in the clinic while my kids enjoyed the first snow day of the season (enjoyed might be a stretch as the boy was in charge of clearing the heavy snow from our driveway).

As soon as the last patient left, I got in my car to head home and grabbed my camera bag on the way to Foster Street. With sunset now happening at 5:30pm, I had enough time to cross the causeway and get set up with my tripod before the setting sun painted the high clouds overhead.

I started off with a tighter shot of Abbot Hall but then moved out a bit to include the steeples of St. Michaels and Grace. In this one frame, I was able to capture the glint of sunlight reflecting in the weather vanes atop each steeple. That, combined with the pastel colors in the sky and the white cover at Crocker Park made for a picture-perfect late winter image.

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