There’s just something about the light in April that makes for incredible colors at dawn (as in yesterday’s post from Sunday morning) and gorgeous spring sunsets (as in this shot from Saturday night).  I had gone out at 6pm after a warm spring day as the clouds promised a decent chance for a solid sunset.  As I headed across the causeway, I glanced in my rearview mirror and continued to look back toward the town as I drove up Foster Street.  When I reached the public way at Parker Lane, I knew I had the perfect spot and pulled over.

Parker Lane used to have a solid wall and a wooden staircase leading down to the water below. On this evening, I found the wall destroyed and the only the top platform of the staircase intact (with a large gap between the grass and the wooden planks). I ended up adjusting my planned spot slightly and chose this composition to include the pier jutting out into Marblehead harbor.

With color across the evening sky and reflecting into the water below (still void of most boats), spring sunsets really do offer incredible opportunities to capture the beauty of Marblehead.