The internet is a strange and wonderful thing. I was looking for an image to share and stopped at this one of a brilliant pink and blue sky captured at dawn in mid-April. I shared two other images from this morning but, between the changing light and flexibility of composing with a zoom lens, had a number of ‘keepers’ from the morning.

When it came time to come up with a title, I was lost. I decided to type in ‘sky-blue pink’ into Google and ended up going down a rabbit hole starting with finding it to be a modern British term for a ‘a jocular name for a nonexistent , unknown , or unimportant colour’ [Collins Dictionary]. I then traced that to a website called World Wide Words that traced the origin back to the 1880s and descriptions of new fashion colors (published in the Haverhill Daily Bulletin of all places) and then to its apparent popularization in a series of children’s stories about a ‘rheumatic elderly rabbit named Uncle Wiggily’.

Once I read that, I had to title this image Sky-Blue Pink as this apparently made up, nonexistent color seems to have come to life on this particular morning in Marblehead.