I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my family was lucky to have been invited out for an evening cruise around Marblehead harbor by good friends. After making our way down the ‘main’ side, we turned and headed back up along the Neck. As we were rounding the corner at the CYC, I spotted this composition and instantly snapped the shutter.

I had been eyeing the view of Marblehead Light in close proximity to the Corinthian Yacht Club but the expanse of empty water left the scene feeling a bit empty. As we passed this boat on its mooring, everything about the composition lined up perfectly. With the warm weather, the Corinthian’s balcony was filled with members who can be seen in various groupings and conversations at this perfect spot overlooking the whole of the harbor.

If you were on the balcony of the CYC at 7:23pm on Friday, July 19th, maybe you can spot yourself in the full version (larger image on the website).