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Flying Colors in Harbor

On July 19th, we were invited aboard a friend's boat to circumnavigate Marblehead Harbor. I was like a kid in a candy store taking shot after shot from the vantage point along the water and between boats. We moved to quickly for me to spot the names of the various boats and it was only when I zoomed in on this one that I spotted the name of the boat with the flag flying - Flying Colors. With the composition of boats filling the empty parts of the sky and wispy clouds overhead due to the heat of the day, [...]

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Marking the Harbor

I've shared a few images from a short boat trip circumnavigating Marblehead Harbor that took place in mid-July and hope you aren't tiring of the views of Marblehead 'from the water'. When I spotted the red channel marker labeled 2MH, I very quickly composed this image capturing it and the green MH1 marker with Marblehead Light in the background. I lucked out with the cloud cover overhead and the haze which helped convey the warmth of this summer evening spent with friends motoring around our harbor.

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Naugus Head from the Water

Thought I would change it up just a bit from the recent sunset shots at Devereux and return to the boat trip around Marblehead that we took  on July 19th. We had set out from Salem Harbor aboard a friend's boat and I had my camera out ready to shoot. We very quickly passed Naugus Head and I noted the houses surrounded by green foliage and nice cloud cover overhead. I rarely get to capture this viewpoint from the water of Salem harbor and thought others might enjoy the view as well.

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Rounding the Corner at the CYC

I mentioned in yesterday's post that my family was lucky to have been invited out for an evening cruise around Marblehead harbor by good friends. After making our way down the 'main' side, we turned and headed back up along the Neck. As we were rounding the corner at the CYC, I spotted this composition and instantly snapped the shutter. I had been eyeing the view of Marblehead Light in close proximity to the Corinthian Yacht Club but the expanse of empty water left the scene feeling a bit empty. As we passed this boat on its mooring, everything about [...]

Fueling Up at the Landing

A little bit before publishing my Wednesdays in Marblehead book, I had started a series entitled 'From the Water' with photos captured from aboard friends' boats. On Friday night, we were invited onto a couple's boat (thanks Mike and Polly!) for a sunset cruise around and inside Marblehead harbor. We lucked out with calm waters and some decent light and I was like a kid in a candy store as we turned the corner at Fort Sewall. I shot over a hundred images as we slowly made our way down one side of the harbor and then back up along [...]

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Heading into Harbor by Moonlight

On a mid-July evening, a friend and I took his boat out for an evening tour of Marblehead.  As the last light of day was captured by overhead clouds, we passed Marblehead Light heading into harbor.  A half moon sat high in the evening sky and I quickly composed this image of our lighthouse, houses on the Neck and the Corinthian Yacht Club under the light of that moon as day turned to night.

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Harbor Tour at Sunset

In mid-July of 2013, a friend invited me onto his boat for a loop around Marblehead and a harbor tour as the sun set.  We lucked out with great light and perfect conditions for a leisurely exploration of Marblehead from the water and I came away with some of my favorite images from this one day.  In fact, there were so many opportunities for shooting that I'm still finding new images to share even four years later. Today's image comes from the last loop through Marblehead Harbor.  The sun was just setting and I found myself aiming the camera at [...]

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Racing in Marblehead Harbor

With the perfect weather that we've been having, I figured some of my readers might like to see an image of sailboats in the waters of Marblehead.  Today's shot comes from April 23rd and a view of sailboats participating in the Jackson Cup.  This is by far my favorite event of the season as the moorings in the harbor remain empty for the most part allowing the boats to pass in front of several Marblehead landmarks. I've shared one image from the races on this particular afternoon with the boats crossing in front of Abbot Hall.  I watched the sailboats [...]

Lunch at the Landing

Today's image comes from exactly two years ago - June 7, 2014 - and a trip aboard the Hannah Glover to visit Childrens Island.  It's only been two years but I can't recall why there was such an early tour of Childrens Island scheduled.  As you can see, we had picture perfect weather to escort us on the short trip to the island. Before we left the State Street Landing, I turned and captured this photo as a beautiful boat pulled up along the docks.  I'm guessing they were there for an early lunch at The Landing restaurant...

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