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Sea Level

Today's image was captured on July 16, 2013 when a friend invited me on a boat ride around Marblehead near sunset. At this point we were coming back into Marblehead harbor. I looked up at Marblehead Light and composed this image from sea level taking in all of Chandler Hovey park and its reflection in the calm waters.

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Heading into Harbor by Moonlight

On a mid-July evening, a friend and I took his boat out for an evening tour of Marblehead.  As the last light of day was captured by overhead clouds, we passed Marblehead Light heading into harbor.  A half moon sat high in the evening sky and I quickly composed this image of our lighthouse, houses on the Neck and the Corinthian Yacht Club under the light of that moon as day turned to night.

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Harbor Tour at Sunset

In mid-July of 2013, a friend invited me onto his boat for a loop around Marblehead and a harbor tour as the sun set.  We lucked out with great light and perfect conditions for a leisurely exploration of Marblehead from the water and I came away with some of my favorite images from this one day.  In fact, there were so many opportunities for shooting that I'm still finding new images to share even four years later. Today's image comes from the last loop through Marblehead Harbor.  The sun was just setting and I found myself aiming the camera at [...]

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Racing in Marblehead Harbor

With the perfect weather that we've been having, I figured some of my readers might like to see an image of sailboats in the waters of Marblehead.  Today's shot comes from April 23rd and a view of sailboats participating in the Jackson Cup.  This is by far my favorite event of the season as the moorings in the harbor remain empty for the most part allowing the boats to pass in front of several Marblehead landmarks. I've shared one image from the races on this particular afternoon with the boats crossing in front of Abbot Hall.  I watched the sailboats [...]

Lunch at the Landing

Today's image comes from exactly two years ago - June 7, 2014 - and a trip aboard the Hannah Glover to visit Childrens Island.  It's only been two years but I can't recall why there was such an early tour of Childrens Island scheduled.  As you can see, we had picture perfect weather to escort us on the short trip to the island. Before we left the State Street Landing, I turned and captured this photo as a beautiful boat pulled up along the docks.  I'm guessing they were there for an early lunch at The Landing restaurant...

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Ending the Day at the BYC

I started this week with an image captured in July 2013 while on a boat ride around Marblehead.  It only seemed fitting to end the week with a shot from later in the night on that same day. We ended up inside Marblehead Harbor as the sun set and motored to the causeway before heading back out to the mooring in Salem Harbor.  As we slowly passed through the crowded harbor, I quickly composed images and shot them as fast as I could in the waning light.  At this point we had reached the Boston Yacht Club and I composed [...]

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Coming Home to Marblehead

In mid-July of 2013, a friend took me out on his boat a few hours before sunset for a cruise around Marblehead.  We had perfect conditions and light which resulted in some of my favorite images of Marblehead from the water. At one point, we had gone out to Children's Island and, on our return, I spotted the Hannah Glover ferrying campers back home to Marblehead after a day spent on the island.  I captured this image with the Hannah Glover and Marblehead Light bookending Marblehead Neck under soft clouds and light. It's no wonder that Marblehead is home to [...]

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Sailing on a Perfect Summer Day

When we moved into our rental house on Willow Street in May 2008, we had no way of knowing the friends we would make just one door down.  Our neighbors would become surrogate grandparents to our then very young children and were more than happy to take us out on their boat when conditions were favorable.  Such was the case in early August when we went sailing on a perfect Summer day. As this was one of my first outings on a boat, I was preoccupied with capturing images of Marblehead from the water.  I had shot for much of our [...]

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Sailing Out of Marblehead Harbor

On Sunday, July 13th my family was invited by friends on a boat ride out to Halfway Rock.  The sky was a clear blue on our way out of Marblehead Harbor but we were treated to slowly building clouds on our return. As we approached the mouth of the harbor, a sailboat came close crossing between Marblehead Light and the newly decorated scaffolding over Abbot Hall.  I captured this image as the sailboat glided into a perfect position in my composition. Afterwards, I tried to bring out the red of the scaffolding and the large M recently added to it.  [...]

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Marblehead from the Water

Nothing quite matches the view of Marblehead from the water - a fact I was reminded of during a boat tour around Children's Island put on by the YMCA.  We boarded the Hannah Glover on Saturday under perfect conditions and departed for the Children's Island orientation.  While it was great to see the back of Children's Island (I shared an image of that yesterday), I was anticipating a few new compositions on our return to shore. Thankfully, the clear blue skies present at departure had given way to a few clouds close to the horizon and one errant one that [...]