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Folger Point Moon

Last night we embarked on the Finback out of Salem harbor to celebrate our amazing staff at Asthma and Allergy Affiliates (my full time job is as a physician there). I hadn't realized until earlier in the day that the moon would rise just as we motored out of Salem harbor so I came prepared with my new favorite lens and got to work trying to capture the nearly full moon from a moving boat. This was a tricky shot with constant adjustments to settings to compensate for the boat but, as we passed Folger Point, I lucked out with [...]

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Moored in Mid-Harbor

This is another from our outing on July 14th aboard a boat heading out (and quickly back into) the harbor. As we made our way through mid-harbor, I spotted this view of Abbot Hall framed by beautiful sailboats and backlit by a dramatic sky. I had a few seconds to compose and shoot this but between the spacing of the boats and the soft light reflected in the harbor water, it was a fast favorite.

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Last one from the outing on July 14th (for this week anyway). We were heading out of the harbor at 5:50pm and the breaks in the clouds had created incredible rays of light shining down over Marblehead Harbor. I snapped away as we motored out and really liked this image as the light seems to be shining directly on the boat named Intermezzo.

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Cloudscape above Marblehead Rock

The next few days will feature images captured on the short (but incredibly productive) boat ride out of Marblehead Harbor on July 14th.  Once we made it out of the harbor, I noted another nice cloudscape to the south and captured several images of the clouds above Marblehead Rock reflecting sunlight on the Atlantic Ocean. This was my favorite of that set.

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Cloudscape at Chandler Hovey Park

I told you the light had been changing quickly on last Thursday quick tour through Marblehead Harbor. We had sun rays over Abbot Hall, dramatic light towards Fort Sewall and this great cloudscape behind Chandler Hovey Park as we made it out of the harbor. We continued on for a bit before turning around and I managed a few more shots on the return. Lots more to come from this outing but hope you are able to get out on a boat and enjoy a very similar view of Chandler Hovey Park either on leaving or returning to Marblehead harbor. [...]

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Aglow in the Harbor

The light was changing quickly as we motored through the harbor last Thursday and I was treated to a brief view of these boats set aglow in the harbor with a dramatic sky overhead creating a wonderful contrast to the bright white mast of the nearest sailboat. Wish I knew the name of this one and wonder if it matches the scene...

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Bluebird Day at the Eastern Yacht Club

I've shared a few images from last Wednesdays outings at mid-day and sunset to capture views from along the neck. I was mostly shooting towards Abbot and the harbor on this day as all the clouds had collected in that section of sky and I found the section overhead to be a fairly boring blue. However, when I made my way out to the pier at the Pleon and looked back at the Eastern Yacht Club, I found the appearance of a nearly bluebird day (normally marked by the absence of any clouds) worked really well with the deep blue [...]

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Mid-Harbor Sunset

I still have several images from recent outings to share but thought I would break things up with this mid-harbor sunset from a late June evening in 2018. This particular sunset wasn't as vibrant as some of the ones I've recently shared but what it lacked in sky color it more than made up for in reflections off the water. I used my camera's flip screen to get as low as I dared to the water and captured this image of boats filling the harbor and the last light of sunset reflecting beautifully off the calm water.

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Around the Fort

Last Saturday, we headed out with our former neighbor for a dinghy ride around the harbor. As we made our way around the fort, I couldn't help but grab a few images with great light and clouds positioned perfectly above the outcropping of land. With COVID-19 restrictions and the cancelled fireworks show, it really is perfect timing for Fort Sewall's huge renovation. I can't wait to see it when it reopens.

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The Neck at Sunset

For anyone with a boat, this would likely be a familiar view but as someone who doesn't get out on the water very much, I was in awe the first time I spotted the Neck appearing as its own perfect island. This image was capture on July 16, 2013 as we approached Marblehead Harbor from a sunset outing. Between the silhouette of Marblehead Light and the various levels of clouds reflecting different colors of light, I was struck by the simple beauty of the scene before me.

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