Remember how I was complaining last week about the lack of nice sunsets this summer? Forget I said that…[also, read to the end for a calendar announcement!]

I had a feeling about tonight’s sunset and, more specifically the chance of a rainbow forming after a late storm showed up on radar and promised to pass right around sunset with clear skies behind it. I watched the radar and headed out only to return home and do that all over again when the storm stalled for a bit.  I was torn between shooting the oncoming storm from the Neck or its departure (and possible rainbow) from Crocker Park – the latter won out and I’m very glad for that decision.

I arrived at Crocker Park a bit too early and huddled under the covered benches to avoid the rain. At a little after 7pm, with the rain still falling, I spotted a rainbow over the Neck and was pretty happy with that view but waited to see if anything else would show.

At 7:15pm, the real show started and the sky exploded in color reflecting off the cloud cover. I couldn’t take in all of the orange sky with my standard lens so swapped for an ultra wide and then went vertical for this 13 shot panorama to capture the whole of Marblehead Neck with an orange sky overhead and a harbor filled with boats. The ultra wide allowed me to include the float at Crocker Park which served as a nice leading line.

My photo software tried to ‘fix’ the orange sky thinking it must be wrong but, having seen it with my own eyes only moments earlier, I overrode the software and came away with this incredible image.  The title really doesn’t do it justice but this is a case where the photo truly does speak 1,000 words and I’m left with my jaw agape trying to come up with a few to describe it. Guess the very literal (and boring) ‘Orange Sky over Marblehead Harbor’ will have to do.

On another note, my calendars arrived today! I delivered them to local stores and decided to make the local shops an exclusive ‘sneak peak’ for the calendar before they became available on my website on Monday. Please shop local at Abbot Hall Gift Shop, Arnould Gallery, Crosby’s, Shubies or Spirit of ’76 Bookstore to get your copy today.