Orange Sky over Crocker

On Saturday  night, I had headed to Crocker Park ahead of a thunderstorm hoping for a rainbow. I arrived to find an incredible orange sky had developed as the last light of sunset lit up the clouds of an oncoming storm. I shared a tighter shot of Abbot Hall and its surrounding houses on Sunday but this was the grand view as seen from near the walkway leading to the float (not in quite yet). While the prior shot was taken at 105mm, this one was at 27mm to allow me to capture the entirety of that orange sky with [...]

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September Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

I'm not quite sure what color I'm looking at in this September sunset over Marblehead harbor. This was the view I had from Crocker Park on September 4th when a storm passed just before sunset and I witnessed a huge orange sky and incredible clouds over the Neck. I had to use my widest lens in a vertical orientation and shoot a multi-image panorama to take in the full scene. I was still shooting as the light changed and, five minutes later, I was staring at this. Is it still orange? Or pink? Or pink-orange??? Whatever the color, the sky [...]

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Orange Sky over Marblehead Harbor

Remember how I was complaining last week about the lack of nice sunsets this summer? Forget I said that...[also, read to the end for a calendar announcement!] I had a feeling about tonight's sunset and, more specifically the chance of a rainbow forming after a late storm showed up on radar and promised to pass right around sunset with clear skies behind it. I watched the radar and headed out only to return home and do that all over again when the storm stalled for a bit.  I was torn between shooting the oncoming storm from the Neck or its [...]

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A Touch of Color

I'm sure by now your Facebook and/or Instagram feeds have been filled with photos of Sunday's epic sunset. The light truly was exceptional and I raced around the beach at the end of Peabody Lane (a public way) exploring various compositions. Immediately after the sun set, the afterglow began adding a touch of color to the high clouds overhead. I received a nice comment on my original post Sunday night pointing to a great resource about sunset colors. There they show an example of a red-orange afterglow such as this and explain it is produced by a thick aerosol cloud [...]

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Dawns Early Light

The morning of April 24th proved to be one of the most beautiful and longest lasting dawns/sunrises I have experienced in Marblehead. The light show began at 5:30am and, within minutes, I witnessed orange, pink and purple light paints the sky and Marblehead Harbor in dawns early light.  The light quickly changed and strengthened as I stood watch at the end of Ferry Lane (near the Landing). If you look closely, you can see that Marblehead Light's green beacon is shining against the orange backdrop. Thanks again to all who voted yesterday and helped me narrow down my selections for the [...]

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Sea Smoke and Orange Clouds at Marblehead Lighthouse

Back to Saturday's arctic conditions for this image of Marblehead Lighthouse and sea smoke.  After capturing Sunday and Mondays' images of sea smoke from Devereux Beach, I circled back and drove down to Front Street.  I stopped at Lovis Cove (the location for yesterday's image) and used my longest zoom to capture the incredible colors that lay before me. The sea smoke around Marblehead Lighthouse was not as impressive as the last time I had captured it [LINK] but the sky more than made up for that.  The low lying clouds were bathed in the orange glow from the just [...]

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