Sorry for the lack of images last week – I was in Los Angeles with my kids visiting my parents and sister for Rosh Hashanah and then drove down to New York with my son for a Bar Mitzvah this past weekend. Between work, life and the odd fall season, I haven’t had a chance to shoot anything new in the past few weeks.

The fall season seems to be off to an odd start with many trees around town already changed and having dropped their foliage. Meanwhile, peak foliage season should still be a few weeks away. I decided to look back at past Octobers and found this shot captured at Crocker Park on October 26, 2018 that put my mind at ease.

If the past is a good guide, we still have three weeks to go before we can enjoy nights like this with the trees showing their fall colors and lending some atmosphere to view of autumn in Marblehead.

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