Hard to believe that it was one month ago when I captured the best light of the summer at Devereux Beach. This was the night that I caught a full rainbow over the causeway and thought that would be the peak of light only to discover this incredible view of the Gold Coast on the shores of Devereux Beach twenty minutes later.

This is the sixth image I will have shared from the hour spent running back and forth between the causeway and beach on June 24, 2020. I shot these two clouds from various angles and with differing compositions but this moment with the waves gently coming to meet the sand and the brilliant golden yellow light reflecting off the clouds was an instant favorite. The seagull passing perfectly between the golden clouds didn’t hurt either.

With the recent heat wave, I’m sure many of you have visited Devereux Beach the past few days. This should serve as a reminder to stay until the sun goes down so you don’t miss a chance to watch mother nature put on a show.