The full corn moon rose over Chandler Hovey Park tonight and I was one of a half dozen photographers among many more onlookers admiring the view of the moon rising over a collection of boats in the mouth of the harbor.

When I arrived at Front Street I had been hoping for a different shot than what I came away with. The lights had been hung on the lighthouse early on in the COVID era and I envisioned a shot of the moon rising with the lighthouse resplendent in lights and a collection of boats filling the waters. As sunset passed and the lights did not appear, I lost hope of that image and nearly gave up on the night altogether as there appeared to be haze along the horizon that might block any moonlight.

I was glad to be proven wrong on the second count as a chorus of ‘oohs’ rang out when the first sliver of orange moonlight surfaced over the water. This was my favorite shot with the moon having just cleared Chandler Hovey park at this moment.