This was the scene that greeted me on Saturday night only 20 minutes after capturing Glover’s Regiment firing volleys at the State Street landing. I had packed up after capturing the solemn rememberance there and drove up Front Street to Fort Beach where I hoped to capture Marblehead Light shining bright on the Neck with its holiday lights on display. I figured the freshly fallen snow would serve as a nice contrast to the dark rock face that makes up Chandler Hovey Park and was delighted to see several homes lit up to continue the bright effect across the Neck.

I started off with a zoomed in view but then decided to recompose with the rocks of Fort Beach in the foreground to break up the empty harbor. By using a long exposure (30 seconds – f/20 and iso 100), I was able to calm the waves and capture mist where they broke around the rocks. The very small aperture also helped brighten the lighthouse light display and turned its green beacon into a bright shining star (have to view it big to see that).