For the past few years, I have taken a brief break from capturing and sharing images of Marblehead in the first few months of the year. I saw that as an opportunity to ‘recharge’ my creativity and, after this past year, I really, really needed that again. Sorry for not letting everyone know (I got an email or two asking why posts had stopped and felt terrible for forgetting to post something like this in February).

I plan to post again sometime in March or April.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen every one of the more than 2,000 images of Marblehead shared over the past 11 years, here is your chance to catch up!

Every image is shared in a slideshow on New Years Day. You can see them all here – SLIDESHOWS

I created a brand new Alphabetical Index with tags for every images posted so you can find your favorites of Abbott Hall (292 images), Chandler Hovey Park (105), Doliber Cove (10) or less common ones such as eclipse (2) and tea house (2)INDEX

There is also a section of free Wallpapers for your mobile device – WALLPAPERS

And if you prefer a book to see many of my favorite images from the first five yours, you can still purchase the Wednesdays in Marblehead book. This is only available through the site now as I have only 100 copies left! – SHOP

Hope that keeps you busy with beautiful images of this incredible seaside town.  If you see this on Facebook/Instagram, the links won’t work so visit my website – and use the menu at the top.

See you soon!