Doliber cove

Doliber Sunrise

On July 1, 2015, I headed out to Doliber Cove at sunrise hoping for a solid showing. I arrived just after 5am and found perfect cloud cover from this spot along Beacon Street from which I composed this panorama to encompass the whole of Doliber Cove, Grace Oliver Beach and Brown's Island.  I lucked out with this 'Doliber sunrise' and shared one image from the shoot as soon as I returned home. This panorama took a bit more work and ended up relegated to the 'To be Published' folder for exactly 4 years as the harbor illumination and fireworks show [...]

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Christmas Moon

I had been planning this shot of a Christmas moon for nearly a year and everything came together perfectly tonight to capture the view of the full cold moon rising above this Christmas tree at Doliber Cove.  The planning began last December when I spotted this perfectly lit tree at the end of the pier on Doliber Cove. I used a moon planning app to figure out where the full moon would rise and realized I would have a perfect vantage point from Crowninshield Road. As it turned out, the moonrise wasn't due until January 1 and I had assumed [...]

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The Beach at Brown’s Island

Grace Oliver Beach was my first stop on Sunday morning and I launched from the entrance to Crowninshield Road from which I could explore Doliber's cover and Brown's Island.  I was hoping for more color in the dense tree cover at Brown's but found only a hint of yellows and oranges.  Instead of focusing on foliage, I decided to fly higher and capture the whole of the island while focusing more on the beach at Brown's Island as well as the shallow waters. Sunday may have been the final day of this Indian summer as a cold front was due [...]

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Doliber Cove and the Dr Seuss Tree

I know I'm not the only one in town who is fascinated by the Dr Seuss tree that can be found along the water at the edge of Crowninshield Road.  As I flew the Phantom 4 Pro from Grace Oliver Beach and over Doliber Cove, I kept Brown's Island to my right and moved into position to capture the tree on the left. At this height, the shallow depths of Doliber Cove become much more evident though most who have bathed in these waters can attest to its height.  It won't be much longer before boats tie up together to [...]

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Browns Island from Doliber’s Cove

My second stop on February 25th was Little Harbor and I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot the sun rising over Brown's Island and reflecting in the waters of Doliber's cove.  I shot this scene before capturing the one of the rowboat shared on Tuesday but came back to it after and found a bird had perched on the nearby rock to take in the peaceful scene.  I preferred this image with the bird to add a bit of life to the morning view.

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Leaves Aglow in Doliber’s Cove

In 2014, I sent my older camera to be modified so that it could shoot infrared images.  The benefit of this is that foliage reflects infrared while a deep blue sky (and ocean) absorbs this wavelength of light.  Once the infrared images are converted to black and white, the result can be a dramatic image that is not possible to achieve with an unmodified camera. For a while, I was shooting more black and white and sharing those images quite regularly.  It was only when I dove into my archive that I found a collection of infrared black and white [...]

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Summer Sunrise at Doliber Cove

On Wednesday, July 1, a storm was predicted for Marblehead as was early morning fog.  With that in mind, I set the alarm clock for 4:30am in hopes of capturing a beautiful dawn and Summer sunrise at Doliber Cove. I arrived to low tide and lackluster light but that all changed as the sun began to rise above the horizon and clouds started to shift in the sky.  I moved from my original vantage point to create a more dynamic composition and was really happy with the way this came out. The boats in the water, houses along Crowninshield road [...]

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Fall in Marblehead – Crowninshield Road

All of this week's images were captured over a few hours span on Sunday morning.  I had started out along Beacon Street hoping for a solid dawn and sunrise and having that wish fulfilled (more of those images next week). As the sun rose above the horizon, it began to light up the trees along Crowninshield Road and, in particular, one tree showing off its Fall colors.  With the expansive view of Doliber Cove and the orange color of this one tree lit up by the morning sun, the scene seemed to sum up Fall in Marblehead quite well.

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Turning the Corner at Brown’s Island

Last week, a good friend took me out on his boat.  We started off at Salem Harbor and explored the outer shores of Marblehead and the Neck.  By 7pm, we were approaching Brown's Island via Doliber Cove.  As we headed in, Brown's Island rotated and the sky opened up and I was given this perfect scene of golden light with Marblehead Lighthouse seen in the distance. I mentioned previously that I took a LOT of shots on this two hour trip.  Much of that was due to the conditions with light changing rapidly and the need to keep adjusting to [...]

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Sunrise over Doliber Cove

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my 6 1/2 year old son woke me up before the sun rose and I decided to make the most of the situation by heading to Grace Oliver beach.  After shooting the wider view including the beach, I zoomed in closer for this view.  In it, you can just make out the edge of Brown's Island and one of my favorite trees at the edge of Crowninshield Road.  The boats in the cove and the swim line add to the scene.  The sun's early light reflects beautifully off the clouds overhead.  Not a bad [...]

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