Lunar Eclipse over Marblehead

A full blood moon lunar eclipse is set to take place tonight just past midnight (peak at 1/21/2019 12:16am EST). I'm hopeful that this front over us will disappear by then but it is also bringing along sub-arctic air as it passes. I looked back at the last time I captured a lunar eclipse over Marblehead - September 27, 2015. I had shared an image from this night with Abbot Hall in the frame but had also captured the view of a red moon surrounded by stars with a borrowed super telephoto lens. Thought I would share it this morning [...]

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Night of the Eclipse

With a solar eclipse set to take place today (and with me having to work), I figured I could share an image of the lunar eclipse from September 2015.  I had gone out on that night in the hopes of capturing the view of the Earth crossing between the sun and the moon thereby transforming the moon's color.  As it happened, I captured a great image with the red moon abutting Abbot Hall but that one only came after driving all around town. My first stop that night was Chandler Hovey Park and I found an angle at which the [...]

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