I’m going to try to be better about getting back to regular morning posts and this seemed like a great way to kick things back into gear…

Normally, getting the sun (or moon) perfectly placed behind Marblehead Light would have been planned out ahead of time by using at least one (and likely two) apps to determine location and angles and…  But on this particular April morning, I lucked out.

I had gotten up on April 14th to shoot the sunrise as promised storms hinted at a nice sunrise and I made my way somewhat blindly toward Crocker Park. I started off shooting the changing colors of dawn (which were muted and disappointing) but that all changed as soon as the sun rose and entered the frame. The sky lit up at that point and I lucked out with the placement of the sun directly behind Marblehead Light.

If you’re wondering why this shot wasn’t shared as soon as I got home, that honor went to the image made 5 minutes later of Abbot Hall under a pink sky that took me by surprise and which I favored in the moment. While I still really like that other image, this one may be the best pure sunrise shot I’ve taken in at least a year or two.