I was excited for the possibility of shooting the moonrise tonight at Chandler Hovey Park having received an invite to join a group of photographers there. I knew it would be tight with finishing up work in my Danvers office at 4pm but had arrived just in the nick of time at 4:28 (moonrise was at 4:31) only to find the cloud cover which should have been disappointing was showing no signs of doing so.

As I looked around, I spotted a band of rain showers over Peaches Point and, sure enough, all cameras had turned that way for the better shot of the night. I shot a few frames with my long lens and then headed off to escape the cold. As I put the camera in the car, I looked over my shoulder and noticed the bands of rain were perfectly positioned behind Marblehead Light and there was just a hint of color in the clouds and…was that a puddle too?!?!?!

I quickly swapped the 100-400 lens for my widest 16-35 and set up my tripod in front of the puddle. I was just able to get all of Marblehead Light in the frame with a hint of it reflecting in the puddle and those bands of rain to the right. The long exposure pulled all the color from the night sky and gave me this image. Not at all what I have expected or envisioned but the best laid plans always need to be approached with an eye for improvisation…

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at the Powder Puff game at 9am and then in Shrewsbury at 3pm to cheer on your Marblehead Magicians!