For this being my first (and likely only) outing in March, the night of March 18th proved to be quite productive with 7 keepers captured between Foster Street and Corinthian Lane.

When I first arrived at Corinthian Lane, I was immediately drawn to this small boat. I titled this ‘adrift’ but the boat was tied up securely and not very far from the shore at low tide. I used a telephoto lens to help compress the expanse of harbor between the boat and Abbot Hall in the distance. I also chose a slightly more open aperture of f/5.6 to give Abbot Hall, the distant shore and sunset a bit of blur and keep the boat as the main focal point.

There was something about this boat though…listing a bit from water that had pooled in it and set off starkly in its white color from the sunset surrounding that drew me in. Hope it does you as well.