As I drove home from a quick dessert run to Crosby’s with my daughter, we argued over whether the sunset might be nice tonight. I thought there was a chance for nice color but wasn’t sure and hadn’t loaded the car in either case.

I happened to be doing a quick favor for a friend and walked out of the house to return her updated camera when I spotted the pink sky and ran back into the house for my gear. I made a quick stop to drop her camera then drove across the causeway only to realize my mistake and head back again and park at Devereux Beach.

There weren’t many there to take in this scene but those who had made it were in awe. The clouds were an incredible golden color and the rainbow showed no signs of abating hitting its peak here at 8:21pm. I had my widest lens on but couldn’t use a circular polarizer to bring out the rainbow – luckily, tonight’s show didn’t need any help in shining.

I had to turn down the orange and yellows the camera captured as they nearly overpowered the scene. I couldn’t think of a good title so went with golden rainbow even though that better describes the clouds the full rainbow appears to pierce through as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

Hope you got a chance to see this in person in your neck of the woods.