On Tuesday, July 12th, I had made my way to Devereux Beach as sunset approached with an eye on capturing the full buck moon rising. Though not full until the following day, the timing of the moonrise was preferable on Tuesday.  However, once I reached the beach, I found the cloud cover too thick for hopes of a moonrise and quickly decided to try for a sunset instead as the clouds held some promise.

I stopped at a few locations before turning down Foster Street and making my way to the Pleon pier from which I wandered a bit further to the float at the end and found lots of great compositions as the sun dropped behind the clouds and a red sky at night formed.

This was the peak of color (though I have some nice golden light before this too). The clouds were perfectly positioned to reflect the light and add some interest to the sky as the small opening in the gathered boats provided some needed water for reflecting those bright colors in the water below.

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