I had a plan for tonight’s full Hunter’s moonrise after checking the expected location using an app. I figured that if I set up at Crocker Park, I would be able to shoot the moon coming up over the Corinthian Yacht Club and might luck out with some foliage in the park as a nice foreground element. Well, I was set up and waiting for the moon at 5:59pm when it rose a good distance away from where I had expected it!

I decided to get a few shots from there as the sun was still illuminating the foreground boats and one homeowner may be very happy when I share that shot as their beautiful house is front and center (it’s the yellow and white one off of Corinthian Lane).

As soon as I was happy with those shots, I made my way quickly back to my car for a quick drive to the State Street Landing and lucked out with one open parking spot. I ran out, set up the tripod again and got this shot that I had hoped for of the full moon rising over the Corinthian. There was enough light to keep the foreground boats and the yacht club nicely illuminated and just a hint of pink color to the cloudless sky to make for a really nice final image.

I made one more stop after this near the Barnacle which was busy with people admiring the full moon and got out for a few more images there.

I think I have October 2024’s calendar entry after this exciting night with two pivots from the original plan!

I hate to keep bringing up my 2023 Marblehead Calendar but my ‘reach’ on social media seems to have been cut down in favor of paid posts and fancy Reels. Please comment and share this one if you can to help me reach more folks. Thanks!!!