Casting Shadows on the Water

I drove around on Saturday trying to figure out this year's foliage situation. The maples had turned early as usual and hadn't put on much of a show. I had spotted some vibrant colors in spots in the past week but not as much as I hoped for. Knowing that peak foliage had taken place on October 17 last year, I figured I had a decent shot of finding some color. Well, I drove around for an hour and just about gave up. Meanwhile, the clouds seemed to hold promise so when I got a text from a friend out [...]

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Red Sun at Night

Tonight marked my third outing this week which is a huge improvement over the rest of the month of May. I had spotted a red sun setting behind the clouds and haze tonight and headed out with my longest lens to the Pleon pier on the Neck. I arrived just in time to capture a few frames of the red sun at night before it was hidden by thicker cloud cover. It was hard to balance the light of the sun with that of the foreground while keeping the red glow evident. This was my best attempt of the evening.

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