Cormorant rock

Hint of Smoke at Cormorant Rock

On January 11, Marblehead was predicted to see temperatures in the single digits and so I made sure to head to Front Street in the hopes of capturing some sea smoke. While temperature is a key factor in seeing mist rising from the relatively warm ocean water, wind is another key element. On this morning, the wind was strong which greatly diminished the presence of smoke. I found the highest amounts around Cormorant Rock and waited until the sun rose above the cloud/fog bank to light up the smoke. With the green channel marker bobbing in the water, I timed [...]

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The Red Glow of Dawn

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had gone out in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning hoping to shoot a unique composition of Abbot Hall, Old North Church and the new St. Michael's steeple lined up in a row.  As I set up for that shot, I kept glancing over my shoulder watching the sky grow brighter and brighter as the red glow of dawn bloomed behind Cormorant Rock. I quickly rotated the tripod and composed this image - luckily the entirety of Cormorant Rock fit within the frame using the 600mm lens.  Though the morning featured a cloudless [...]

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Marblehead Bell ringing in a New Day

On August 29, while out capturing the moon setting near Abbot hall, I witnessed a beautiful orange dawn from Chandler Hovey Park.  I had a super zoom lens mounted on the camera and therefore looked for new compositions that I had not previously explored. One of my favorite images from the morning ended up being this one of Marblehead Bell with its beacon illuminated sharing the frame with Cormorant Rock and a single lobster boat.  The sky was filled with the orange glow of dawn which added the perfect dimension of color to an otherwise simple image.

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Brilliant Sunrise over Cormorant Rock

On August 29, I headed to Chandler Hovey Park before dawn in order to capture the supermoon setting over Abbot Hall.  As it happened, the moon set 30 minutes before sunrise and so I had plenty of time to explore other scenes in the dawn light.  I took a few pictures of Marblehead Bell and Cormorant Rock as the light of the rising sun filled the sky with shades of orange and red. I had actually turned back towards town when the sun finally rose and only noticed it by the strong reflection of light coming off the houses across [...]

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