Lighting up Old Town House

Old Town House was decorated with lights on its front and back entrances so I decided to head down and try to photograph the festive scene.  With the sun setting at 4pm, however, I had a hard time getting a shot in as the light faded and cars zoomed by.  I decided to make the most of the situation and lengthened the exposure time to capture the cars zooming around Old Town House.  The headlights serve as a nice accent to the already picturesque scene. Rooftop Thursdays will return next week.  Just wanted to keep the holiday light them going [...]

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The Cul de Sac of Lights

Riverside drive has one of the most incredible light displays I have ever seen.  I made my way to the street in mid December hoping to catch a street without cars and aiming to be there before the caravan of cars made it down.  I was in luck and tried numerous angles to capture the light display but none seemed to capture the magic and awe of the display. I decided that the cul de sac would make for a perfect Holiday Planet and thus shot a 360 degree panorama.  17 shots later, I had my starting material.  I ended [...]

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