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Carnival Sunrise

After ten years of shooting the annual Marblehead Carnival at Devereux Beach, I thought I had exhausted all compositions. With that and the grey skies (though no rain!) I had about given up on any new shots of this year's carnival. However, when I drive by Devereux the other day, I noticed the ferris wheel had moved to a new spot and had an idea in mind - I just needed some sun and for the wind to die down... This morning at 6:30, conditions fell into place. I drove down to the beach and launched my drone (hadn't used [...]

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A Ferris Wheel Sunset

While rain frequently follows the Marblehead carnival as it sets up in town, the benefit of such weather also means the opportunity for beautiful sunsets.  The day after yesterday's image of the ferris wheel reflected in two puddles, I returned with my family and took the ferris wheel ride with my daughter at sunset. As we reached the top of the ferris wheel, I noticed the light over Devereux Beach and captured this image of the carnival, beach and ocean beyond.  Enjoy the Marblehead Carnival this weekend.

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