intentional camera movement

Intentional Camera Movement – Ocean at Sunset

Last week, I posted an image taken of a wave coming to shore at sunset that I shot with a lens at wide aperture.  The effect was to alter the sense of scale of the wave and the image was very well received.  I thought I would follow that up with this image taken a few minutes later and with the same lens.  This time I closed down the aperture to increase the shutter speed and panned across the ocean.  The effect was to turn the waves into streaks and use the golden light to paint them.  I'll ask the [...]

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Waves at Devereux Beach (intentional camera movement)

A bit of an abstract image on this dreary morning.  I went down to Devereux in mid-May and shot a number of images in the fog.  Afterwards, I practiced a bit more with 'intentional camera movement'.  I set the shutter speed long enough to be able to sweep the camera horizontally and bring movement to the water.  I managed to catch this wave coming to shore with the perfect amount of white foam and nice texture in the distant water.

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Intentional Camera Movement – The Ocean

On the same morning in which I chased an amazing dawn and came away with photos of a lone clammer, I decided to try my hand at a new (for me) technique - intentional camera movement.  To do this, I adjusted the settings to get a slightly slow shutter speed and swept the camera across the ocean while 'dragging the shutter'.  The result was a bunch of strange looking images and one really neat one.  The ocean was very calm on this morning and with this attempt, I managed to capture the ripples in the water while instilling motion in [...]

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