Lee Street

From the Rooftops – The Balcony on Lee Street

On Tuesday, I came home from work to find the latest issue of Marblehead Home and Style magazine opened on our kitchen counter with a feature about me and this page!  I was honored and thrilled to see the story and, upon reading it, realized that I had not shown a 'rooftop' view since May.  I went back to my archives and found one of my early rooftop shots that had not yet been posted to the site. When I first thought of shooting Marblehead 'from above', the only way I could come up with for finding vantage points was [...]

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From the Rooftops – Lee Street and the Harbor

I started the rooftop project in late August and this was one of the first private homes that I was invited to shoot from.  The owners had responded to a flyer I addressed to them and were more than happy to share this view from their Lee street home with fellow Marbleheaders.  I have to admit being overwhelmed when I first stood on this roof and tried to take in the sites below.  The vantage point was perfect with neat houses that have stood in these spots for 200 years.  The harbor was filled with boats and you can make [...]

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