Under the Stars

A new moon offers the best opportunity for star shots and one happened to fall on Christmas Eve in 2011.  It was unseasonably warm (or at least not bitterly cold) and, after building a toy baby crib and grabbing some very last minute stocking stuffers, I headed over to Chandler Hovey Park.  It's hard to appreciate just how dark it was when I set up to capture this image.  I could just make out shapes and had to hope the focus was accurate.  Each image took 30 seconds to capture and I had a few failed attempts before getting this [...]

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The Lighthouse Under the Stars

With the unseasonably warm weather, I decided to pursue a new photographic avenue - shooting the stars.  The most important aspects of shooting a sky filled with stars is to try to minimize light pollution and to shoot at least a few hours after sunset and before sunrise.  It was with those thoughts in mind that I decided to head to Chandler Hovey Park at midnight on Christmas Eve. I set up near one of the benches (using it as cover from the stray lights at the park) and lined the lighthouse at the base of the photo with the [...]

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