Under the Stars

A new moon offers the best opportunity for star shots and one happened to fall on Christmas Eve in 2011.  It was unseasonably warm (or at least not bitterly cold) and, after building a toy baby crib and grabbing some very last minute stocking stuffers, I headed over to Chandler Hovey Park.  It's hard to appreciate just how dark it was when I set up to capture this image.  I could just make out shapes and had to hope the focus was accurate.  Each image took 30 seconds to capture and I had a few failed attempts before getting this [...]

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The Lifeguard Chair at Midnight

Continuing with the 'Sometime Around Midnight' series, and returning to a personal favorite, here is the lifeguard chair at Devereux beach.  I admit to a bit of an obsession with these chairs and had to include one in the midnight series.  Again this was taken in the dark but the exposure took two minutes and thus was able to capture all available light.  You can see the moon overhead and the stars streaking by.  The yellow tint on the chair is from the lights on the causeway.  The distant lights to the right are caused by the city of Boston [...]

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The Rock at Midnight

This is my favorite image taken on a mid-August night shortly after midnight.  After spending some time at Devereux beach, I headed across the causeway to Castle Rock.  I tried to capture the waves below and the stars above and was very pleased with this result when I loaded it on the computer at home.  This is a seven minute exposure and, in that time, you can see the effects on the waves turning the churning water to mist.  Also, the movement of the Earth relative to the stars is shown by the curved star trails in the upper left [...]

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Sometime Around Midnight

In the middle of August, I decided to try shooting areas around town under the light of the full moon.  I started off around midnight and headed to Devereux Beach.  My first image was of the swings and I shot as wide as I could to capture the moon above.  With the long exposure (this is a 2 minute shot), the darkness of night is removed and you see a scene that looks a lot like a daytime view.  If you look carefully, you'll see the streaking stars in the night sky.  More midnight shots to come later this week.

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