sun circle

Sunrise at the Sun Circle

I mentioned in Monday's post that I had spent more than a half hour at the beach from dawn to sunrise exploring compositions and enjoying the unusually warm late October morning.  Well after the golden color had left the morning sky and I had captured the sun rising over Ram Island, I finally made my way back up Atlantic Avenue. Before leaving, I decided to walk a few steps to the sun circle and see how the rising sun lined up with the spires found there.  As it happened, the positioning of the sun was nearly perfect and the morning [...]

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Sun Circle Sunset

I've visited the sun circle at Preston Beach countless times and have tried to find interesting compositions to showcase its design.  After shooting the brilliant sunset at Preston on July 23rd, I headed back to the car but stopped short as I walked up the path and came up to the sun circle.  I noted the still peaking sunset colors perfectly positioned for a different vantage point than prior attempts and set up for the shot. I decided on a vertical orientation in order to fit the full height of the sun circle columns while including as much of the [...]

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