When I started this project almost two years ago, I did so in large part to learn more about my new town.  As the shoots progressed, I found that Marblehead really did have everything I could ask for as a landscape photographer – ocean, harbor, beaches, ponds, boats, great architecture.  You name it and I could find it…well, except for waterfalls.

On Father’s Day, I went out to Castle Rock with the kids and was surprised to see large waves crashing to shore.  I had planned to walk down to the water with them but the seas were too rough for that.  As I watched the crashing waves, a thought came to mind – if I could time it just right, I might be able to get a cascade of water from a spent wave dripping down the rock face.  I returned at high tide and set out with that image in mind.  It took a number of images to get the timing right but, when I saw this image on the LCD and, later, on my screen, a big smile crept onto my face.

I present to you the Waterfalls of Marblehead ; )