Chasing Waterfalls

In June of 2012, I had gotten it in my mind that I could capture waterfalls in Marblehead by climbing out to the ledge at Castle Rock and focusing on the rock edge as waves broke upon it.  As the water cascaded over the edge it formed (ever briefly) a small waterfall. By extending the shutter speed to 1/5th of a second, the water droplets were smoothed to form that familiar shape of water falling.  Processing the final image in black and white allowed those textures to take center stage in the photo.

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Long Exposure – A Waterfall in Marblehead

It's been a while since I shared a long exposure image on what has become 'long exposure Tuesday' on this site.  In part, that is due to having not shot in a while.  In fact, today's image comes from almost exactly one year ago - June 17, 2012. Calling this a long exposure is a bit of a stretch considering the exposure time was really only 0.3 seconds.  However, the goal was to slow the shutter enough to essentially created the appearance of a waterfall in Marblehead.  I'm going to stop there and leave some mystery as to the location [...]

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Long Exposure – More Waterfalls in Marblehead

Time to return to Castle Rock for yet another temporary waterfall.  If you missed the earlier waterfall shots, click here.  This and the rest of the images of crashing waves were taken in mid June during a particularly high tide and with surprisingly large waves that came to shore.  I made my way to a ledge under the main outcropping at Castle Rock and used my longest lens to zoom in on the waves as they washed over rocks.  By slowing the shutter speed, I was able to capture these temporary waterfalls.  Black and white helps isolate texture in the [...]

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Long Exposure – Waterfall at Castle Rock

On this Long Exposure Tuesday, the quest for waterfalls in Marblehead continues.  Shortly after taking last week's image at the beach at Castle Rock, I climbed up to the top of the rock and surveyed the crashing waves below.  The tide was high and the sea produces some great waves which kept covering an outcropping of land.  I made my way down and focused on the farthest end of the land.  My hope was that a perfectly timed shot would catch a wave rolling over the rock and, when slowed, show a mini waterfall as the water below receded.  Needless [...]

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Long Exposure – Waterfalls in Marblehead

When I started this project almost two years ago, I did so in large part to learn more about my new town.  As the shoots progressed, I found that Marblehead really did have everything I could ask for as a landscape photographer - ocean, harbor, beaches, ponds, boats, great architecture.  You name it and I could find it...well, except for waterfalls. On Father's Day, I went out to Castle Rock with the kids and was surprised to see large waves crashing to shore.  I had planned to walk down to the water with them but the seas were too rough [...]

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