With this month’s full moon, also known as the Sturgeon moon, I sought out a new spot from which to capture the rise.  I charted the expected location of its ascent and decided to use Marblehead Rock as my landmark with which to anchor the moon to a familiar spot.  I set up and waited for the moon to rise above a low marine layer of clouds.  Once it did, I started shooting – first wider shots to include the entire island and then closer shots.

As the moon climbed in the sky, a boat came by on the way back to harbor.  I quickly changed settings to be able to capture the fast moving boat and grabbed a series of images.  This was a favorite as the man in the boat can be seen staring up at the rising moon (and seemingly forgetting about the fishing pole in hand).  I also liked the color of reflections coming off the boat’s lights which mimicked the color of the full moon.