Much of my black and white long exposure work has been influenced by some incredibly talented photographers whom I have met through Google+.  Of them, Joel Tjintjelaar has been a particularly strong influence.  His work is simply incredible and I highly recommend a visit to his online gallery:

This image was taken at dawn in mid-November shortly after capturing this view of Fort Sewall and the harbor

[link].  I turned to face the causeway and captured this view of Marblehead harbor (now empty for the Winter) in a 15 second exposure.  I had initially processed it in color but the colors that morning did not do much for the image.  I decided instead to work on a black and white version and ended up with this image.  I loved the effect on the water which turned milky white and served to contrast against the rocks and shore in the foreground as well as the more distant rocks and pier beyond.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.