Last week I shared an image of the cannon being fired at sunset from a yacht club.  That image came about by chance as I happened to end up at that spot during a fairly lackluster sunset and got the idea to focus on the cannon fire.  Click here to see that image and read a bit more about this tradition in Marblehead:  

After that incredible experience, I decided to try to photograph the other yacht clubs firing their cannons at sunset.  Next up was the Corinthian Yacht Club.  I first ventured out here on May 27th after receiving permission from the general manager and photographed Marie firing the cannon at sunset.  Unfortunately, the tide was very low leaving too much of the rocks in the foreground visible and I missed the fine fire spraying out the front of the cannon.

On May 30th, I returned home from an after work meeting at 7:45pm.  As the kids were already tucked in and as the sunset looked promising, I quickly ran in, kissed everyone goodnight, changed clothes (it was still 90 degrees at almost 8pm) and grabbed the camera and tripod.  I drove across to the neck and pulled up at Corinthian lane with two minutes until sunset. I ran across to the cannon and quickly set up (using the same composition as I had on the previous outing).  This time, I had the tide in my favor and I managed to capture the fine rays of fire as Josh fired the cannon at sunset.

Two down…three to go.  And if anyone has more information about this great Marblehead tradition, please leave a comment below.