I woke at 4am on Wednesday June 12th for no good reason.  Rather than toss and turn, I figured I would take this as a sign to head out and shoot the sunrise.  I quietly made my way out the door and drove (in the rain) to Hammond Park.  We had been having a stretch of rain with June on its way to becoming a top-10 wettest month but I still had some hope that there would be a break in the rain and clouds right at sunrise…the weather app said so at least.

I arrived at Hammond Park and setup to shoot in the blue hour with diffuse early light spreading over Marblehead harbor and the boats in their moorings.  With 15 minutes to sunrise, the rain increased and I took shelter in the car staring intently at the horizon where the sun should have been coming up.  At exactly 5:03am, I saw a hint of pink near the lighthouse and darted out of the car to setup in the same spot I had chosen earlier.  I shot as the sun became brighter finally reaching its peak in this image.  Then, exactly four minutes after it started, the light was snuffed out.  I turned to a fisherman down at the launch on Commercial street and we both grinned at the incredibly short but impressive show that we were fortunate to witness.

This ended up being the start of a 3 hour photo shoot that concluded after 250 images at 7:30am (right in time to walk my son to school).  Here’s a sneak peak of where I went.  Needless to say, I have a lot more images to work on and share in the days and weeks to come…

map of photo shoot locations