On Friday, January 3rd, the storm that dropped almost 2 feet of snow and brought with it arctic temperatures had finally departed from Marblehead.  As high tide approached, the remnants of the storm’s power could be seen in the astronomically high water levels and I drove around town trying to capture the feel of the storm’s cold and the high tide.

As I came down Front Street, I found the way to Fort Beach closed off due to flooding but saw this scene before me at Lovis Cove.  I have shot from Lovis Cove on a few occasions and actually began with a zoomed in view of the lighthouse in the distance.  It was only when I stepped back that I could appreciate the scene before me.  The snow had been pushed against the wall and a combination of snow and frozen ocean water could be seen on both The Barnacle and this unique house on the right.  The metal chain along the wall pulls the viewers eye into the image and one can appreciate the water level at an incredibly high level.

Though small, Lovis Cove offers some unique opportunities and compositions and I try to make it a point of stopping here before heading down to the more open Fort Beach whenever I’m out shooting…especially with good waves from an approaching or departing storm.