Is there a more classic New England scene than a pickup hockey game on a frozen pond?  And if that happens to be Redd’s Pond with a beautiful house abutting it and great light and clouds are around…timeless.

I captured this image on New Year’s Day and shared an iPhone version on my Facebook page shortly after.  While that image was well received, I decided to go with a black and white version of a different shot from the ‘real’ camera to share today.  The action in this one was just about perfect with kids heading off to chase the puck while one parent guards the net and two parents in the distance check on their captures of the scene before them.  The choice of black and white helps remove the distractions of color jerseys from the image and helps focus the eye on the kids in various moments of skating as well as the great lines carved into the ice.

I think the black and white also helps make the image more timeless as this could just as easily be a shot of Redd’s Pond from 2014 as it could be 1914 (with a slight change in clothes and gear).