Pickup Hockey Game at Redd’s Pond

Is there a more classic New England scene than a pickup hockey game on a frozen pond?  And if that happens to be Redd's Pond with a beautiful house abutting it and great light and clouds are around...timeless. I captured this image on New Year's Day and shared an iPhone version on my Facebook page shortly after.  While that image was well received, I decided to go with a black and white version of a different shot from the 'real' camera to share today.  The action in this one was just about perfect with kids heading off to chase the [...]

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Hockey Night at Redds Pond

A picturesque frozen pond and kids playing a pick-up game of really can't ask for a more quintessential New England scene!  I took my kids skating for their first time on Redds earlier in the day and promptly went out to purchase my first pair of skates (no real need for those when you grow up in LA).  I returned for a few practice runs on the pond and found this pickup game in process.  Grabbed the camera and shot a few frames.  This image had a very classic, timeless feel to it so I decided to make it [...]

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